"...No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing."

2001 - The Move. This was the year that I decided to move from my comfort zone of Philadelphia to the Land of Milk and Honey, California.  I was raised in an Italian family where I never had to cook for myself and a home cooked meal was always on the table.  This move was a whole new journey and opportunity for me to carry out the tradition of eating well and often on my own.  I quickly realized that I had a passion and talent that I had yet to tap into.  After persistent encouragement and support from my newfound California family, it was inevitable that I take the leap to start my private chef business as Chef Richie Jr. 

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Chef Richie Jr.

2014 - FAST FORWARD.  Business has boomed since I made the decision to put my heart into cooking for others as a profession.  I have expanded on the services I offer and have been given opportunities I couldn't have planned including the privilege to cook for the likes of Haim Saban, David Geffen, Patricia Arquette, and Nick Swardson to name a few.  I have catered to events ranging from 150 person wedding parties to 6 course sit down dinners to 1 year birthday parties.  

Although I have a versatile menu and can meet your requests in any variation of dishes, my specialty in cooking is Italian food with a Healthy Concept foundation.  All meals consist of Organic products, grass fed, and/or no hormones added. Whether you're looking for that special menu for your summer BBQ party, Baby Shower or Exclusive private event, I can provide you with a statement menu that will leave your guests pleasantly surprised and raving about your party for ages!  


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